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hehe. gotta love the dane cook. whats up with this? the point of a community to to talk! so why hasnt anyone posted yet? how about i ask a questions, and people can answer it. that way, you have somthing to say. and you might branch out a bit, write somthing. you know. so my question is:
how do you dump someone you really care about?
thats my question im thinking right now. cause even though i really care about him, i know he dosnt care about me in the same way....anymore. i miss the good ol days when he would tell me he missed me and tell me in a cutie, and when he wanted to talk to me. ive tryed so hard to talk to him. its getting frustrating and i know i should give up. *sighhhhhh*
why is it that everyone that wants to date me dont live in oakley? wtf kinda crap is that? ill tell you..ANNOYING. oakley is so steriotypical. i need to get outa here.
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